Reciprocity Sax

The latest recording!



A gorgeous new track from the unique musical imagination of acclaimed cinematic composer David Raiklen. It explores film, classical, Celtic, jazz, pop, and world music ranging from mystical calls and tranquil melodies to wild improv and fierce new rhythm. The ‚Äútelepathic communication‚ÄĚ between internationally renowned saxophonist Dougas Masek and Hollywood’s virtuoso pianist Bryan Pezzone will take you on an unforgettable musical journey.

Space Command Soundtrack Vol 1 + 2

The Space Command Soundtrack looks forward to the future of science fiction and celebrates a century of inspiring science fiction music and sound! Performed with live orchestra and chorus plus state-of-the-art programming. Enjoy the epic Ship To Sun! A labor of love.

The complete soundtrack is here: Fanlink

Lights In The Forest

Lights In The Forest is a Virtual Reality Experience that places you in the center of an amazing band playing live, while you travel through a magical forest. The work has 8 movements, you can buy the music and a downloadable HiDef VR experience here! Currently taking preorders, we will release the first movements early May.
The VR Experience Video is Here!

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